Birthday of Fire

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Photo Credit: Jasmine Baria

Mubarak to all Mazdayasni Worshippers – Parsee (Parsi) Zorastrians around the world

Adar roz and Adar Mah is a very auspicious day for fires. We may even consider this day as the birthday of fires.

The day prior to this roj Daepadar is regarded as the birthday of all hearths and hearth fires, and that is why many Parsi homes decorate their cooking places with vermillion and turmeric paste and draw the Afarganyu, chipyo and chamach over there.

On the auspicious day Adar mahino Adar roj several sacred fires were consecrated. The most important fire for all us Zoroastrians – the sacred Iranshah – also celebrates its birthday on this auspicious day.

May we always make ourselves worthy to aspire for the blessings and protection from our sacred Iranshah.

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