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By submitting a recipe to (hereinafter called “The Company”) through this website, you understand that you are agreeing to give up all rights to the recipe, and that The Company may use the recipe for any and all business purposes, which may include editing and/or copying in multiple media. You also guarantee that you own all the rights to the recipe. Submitting a recipe also gives the Company permission to use your first name and home city along with the recipe if published, but the Company is offering no guarantee the recipe will be published.

It is generally understood that an idea cannot have copyright; but the way an idea is expressed has copyright. Which means if a recipe consists of a list of ingredients followed by the method of cooking, it has no copyright – as for instance in a recipe of how to boil potatoes. However, if a particular recipe is published in a cookbook, and is a part of sequence of menus and other recipes, then copyright exists in that cookbook. In other words it is not just a set of recipes that is protected; rather the originality of style and expression contained in the recipe is also protected.

Suppose you try out a certain recipe from a particular cookbook and you liked the way it turned out yet you want to adapt it to suit the needs and tastes of your individualistic family – like if you feel the need to reduce the amount of oil or chili powder then such adaptations are your own and you are not violating copyright of the original book even when you share it with other readers on .

Then again if you tried out a recipe from a particular cookbook and relished it exactly the way it is given in it, you can still share it with others if you express the method of preparation in your own words and you would not be violating the copyright. You can also state which book inspired your – the author is sure to appreciate the credit given and also feedback that may follow.

Cookery is an art as well as science, a skill that can be inherited or learnt and which is constantly evolving and adapting to the various needs. And sharing it with others can be very fulfilling. And we at want to do just that – share this art and science with you so that you too can experience this unique fulfillment and convey it to others on .

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