Mawa Cake

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Khoya (Mawa) cakes by Dolly Contractor

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335 grms self rising flour

250/300 grms sugar

3 grms caraway seeds or (1 tsp=teaspoon)

1/2 (half) tsp Nutmeg

1/2 tsp cardamom

1/2 tsp Essence vanilla or rose

2 tsp Full, baking powder

250g butter (melted)

150g Khoya (Mawa) 5-6 eggs (depending on size L, M or S) Mix everything together with a blender Grease, the cake tins or put paper cups 🧁 in a muffin tins or cake tins!

Sprinkle with flakes or sliced almonds!

Fill up the cups quarter (as they rise) and put it in pre-heated oven Gas Mark 6 For 40-45 minutes small cup cakes Large round tin cake 🎂 for 45-1 hour (Stick a knife in the middle, to see if it is cooked, it will come out clean) OR until brown

Note: Reproduced under “Fair Use for Educational Purpose”

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