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Vasanu a health product for winter

Thanks for Clarifying

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If you are looking for a healthy butter alternative for cooking, try ghee. Ghee is clarified butter, pure, golden butterfat, removed of milk solids and water. It also has a high smoke point, making it an ideal cooking oil for frying and sauteing. Due to its healthy fats and plethora of vitamins (A, D, E […]

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‎Darius Umrigar‎  For Tennis elbow, knee pain, bone injury, twisted ankles, wrist issues, muscle inflammations or inflammation due to injury Kindly do as follows: Purchase these ingredients: 100 gms pure organic Turmeric powder. 50 gms allum,( phitkari or fatakri) 25gms sea salt thats used in cooking and not the iodised salt please. Take 100 gms of […]

Risks and Benefits of Tukmaria Seeds

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Tukmaria Seeds (ocimum basilicum) are also known as tukham malanga. They are holy seeds in many Asian countries, due to their exceptional qualities. Precautions Tukmaria seeds should not be given directly to children, since they can choke on it. A word of caution. In case of pregnant women, these seeds are known to lower down […]