Dishoom Restaurant. Roger Federer savours Parsi Indian Food

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Dishoom Restaurant: Roger Federer savours Parsi Indian Food

Secrets of the Queens Kitchen

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Dishoom gets Michelin Chefs award

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A home-sick student reviews Dishoom, an Indian restaurant in London that beat other Michelin-starred eateries to be crowned UK’s best by TARA BAHL A familiar, comforting smell draws you in and awakens your senses. The grey of the weather instantly seems to brighten, the stress of all your projects begins to fade, and that void in your heart/stomach […]

HM Queen Elizabeth II

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Rainbows Appear at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

Independence Day and the Parsi connection

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Believe it or not toad in the hole dish was relished for breakfast India when the British Raj was active.  Yes, Parsis liked to eat British fare, specially during the pre-independence days before 1947. Toad in the hole may sound strange to the average person and even more foreign to Gen Z, but in some British communities […]

Tanaz Godiwalla is catering in UK

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UK folks, Tanaz Godiwalla is catering! Please call directly. Note: Reproduced under “Fair Use for Educational Purpose”


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Dhansak takes off at Heathrow!

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Dhansak takes off at Heathrow! He’s the Bombay boy who’s cooked his way into British hearts with his innovative twists to authentic Indian cuisine. Cyrus Todiwala, who graduated from Mumbai’s BK Somani Polytechnic and trained as a chef with the Taj group, has for over a decade so excited the palates of even the curry […]

UK Amazon

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Seven recipes to celebrate Parsi New Year 2017

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Satisfy your Parsi Food cravings. We hope you will cook delicious, mouth-watering food with the recipes, cookbooks and videos provided on this site. Get $5 off our books for the coming Parsi New Year Celebrations.  Apply Discount Code “AFDX5BD5” * Sale ends August 31, 2017 Click on image to go to the Amazon Create Space shopping cart. Next, add […]

Vividh Vani Recipe: Toad in a hole

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Toad in a hole trsnlated from the Vividh Vani Cookbook