Dishoom gets Michelin Chefs award

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A home-sick student reviews Dishoom, an Indian restaurant in London that beat other Michelin-starred eateries to be crowned UK’s best


A familiar, comforting smell draws you in and awakens your senses. The grey of the weather instantly seems to brighten, the stress of all your projects begins to fade, and that void in your heart/stomach (whichever matters more) starts to heal. Dishoom is the place you’ve been looking for: authentic (and I mean AUTHENTIC)vghar ka khanna in the heart of Central London.

Walking down London’s St. Martin’s Lane, a familiar, comforting smell draws you in; awakens your senses. Dishoom has recently been crowned the No.1 restaurant in the UK by Yelp reviewers, beating other fancy Michelin-Star restaurants.

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