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Editor’s Note: In gujarati but easy to follow steps visually. I knew Lily aunty at the Parsi Industrial in Khanpur and have had many of her tasty Dar ni Pori. Albeit have brought them over to USA.

Untold Kitchen Stories Ep 9- Traditional Parsi dish- Dar ni Pori ft. Lily Sahuna

Aunty has been making this celebratory dish called Dar ni Pori since 1970s! Lily Sahuna is taking us for a journey of making this elaborately amazing dish- Dar ni Pori!

#UntoldKitchenStories – A new food series where we are going on a quest to explore our culture via food.

Dishes that are made in kitchens. Our Kitchens. Yet, they are dishes like you may have never heard of till date. It is collection of food dishes and stories that remained untold. Till date!

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Host- Karan Thakkar
Shot & Edited by- Palkesh agrawal

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Watch this step by step, awesome video :


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