15 health benefits of this amazing fruit – Manna from heaven!

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It is the fruit of the Tad (Palmyra) Palm. Found on the streets of Mumbai, India. We used to call it “Galeli”. I would love the soft texture and sweet flavor on the tongue.

A delicate flavour and like lychee consistency. The tender ones are so sweet and soft to gulp.

You get “Toddy” (todi) from this tree!

No matter what you call it, I love it.

Did you know that if you ate it with the skin it pulls out all the HEAT / GARMI from your stomach and body

Known by many names, this fruit is very popular in Mumbai, India. See names below.


Tadgola in Marathi

Ice Apple in English

Heart of palmyra palms.



Munjal or Taadphal

Tadfali in Gujarati, Ice Apple in English . Khambhat is known for its production in the state, having extensive farming of palms.

Thati Munjulu in Telugu

Taal shaash in Bengali

Nungu in Tamil


Thaati noongo in the south of India. Sellers used to come at night with baskets on their heads shouting out..thaaati nooonguuu.summer time we sat out turning the school holidays and it was such a treat under the starlet skies of Old Bangalore.

We call them ice apples or they’re also sold canned – Aroy-D brand and labelled as palm’s seeds (attap) in heavy syrup.

15 Health Benefits of Ice Apple or Munjal (Tadgola)

Weight Loss:One of the most fascinating benefits of Ice apple or munjal (tadgola) is that the fruit aids in getting rid of extra pounds from your body. It contains a lot of water which aids to keep your tummy full and aids in weight loss naturally.

Nausea:Ice Apple or Munjal (Tadgola) is beneficial in relieving the feeling of nausea. It is in fact one of the best benefits of Ice apple.

Benefits of Ice Apple or Munjal (Tadgola) During Pregnancy:There are also some wonderful benefits of ice apple or Munjal(Tadgola) to pregnant women. Ice Apple helps in improving digestion and aids with constipation and acidity problems which actually are common symptoms during pregnancy.

Prevents Heat Stroke:You can keep away the heat strokes by adding ice apple or munjal (tadgola) to your daily diet. It contains lots of water and thus keeps the body hydrated and prevents heat stroke.

Helpful in Chickenpox:Ice Apple is also beneficial for people who suffer from chickenpox. So, this also adds to the wonderful benefits of ice apple or munjal (tadgola).

Keeps Away the Stomach Ailments:The best health benefits of Ice Apple or Munjal (Tadgola) is that it works as a natural cure for several stomach ailments.

Prevents Fatigue:People suffer from fatigue, feel a lot more tired during summer days as they sweat a lot. The best way to fight this fatigue is by eating Ice Apple or Munjal (Tadgola).

Digestion Problems:Ice Apple or Munjal (Tadgola) is often used in ancestral therapy for curing digestion problems. You can eat a lot of this fruit and derive its benefits in keeping away from all the digestion problems.

Treats Constipation:Constipation can be treated well by adding Ice apple or Munjal(Tadgola) to your diet. You can take the fruit or make a juice out of it and consume on an empty stomach.

Treats Liver Problems:One of the major health benefits of Ice Apple or Munjal (Tadgola) is that it slowly gets rid of several liver problems as it cleanses out the toxins with the rich amount of potassium present in it.

Treats Boils:During summer seasons, heat boils arise when the temperature increases. Adding Ice Apple or Munjal (tadgola) to your daily diet will keep away heat boils.

Reduces Prickly Heat Pimples:Ice apple or Munjal (Tadgola) aids in cooling the body during summer season and provides relief from the prickly heat pimples.

Breast Cancer:Ice apples or Munjal (Tadgola) designate the existence of the phytochemicals anthocyanin which may inhibit the growth of tumors and breast cancer cells. So, this is one more benefits of the fruit.

Enhances Energy:The best health benefits of Ice apple or Munjal is that it keeps the glucose levels high and provides the right balance of minerals and nutrients to the body.

Other Benefits:The fruit is rich in phytochemicals and is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Among other benefits of the fruit, are the benefits of slowing down the effects of aging, lowering the risk of heart disease, cancer, reducing mortality from several cardiovascular diseases, preventing arterial clotting etc.


Now we are known to some of the exclusive benefits of Ice apples or Munjal (Tadgola). Hope you must now be excited enough to add this fruit to your regular diet and keep away the several health ailments out of your body.

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