Celebrating Navroze

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Celebrating Zoroastrian Festivals and Traditions

Authored by Mrs Rita Jamshed Kapadia

Book explains Zoroastrian Ceremonies of Parsi Weddings, Navjotes, Agarni, Pug Ladoo Ceremony, Death and Birth Ceremonies

These ceremonies of joy and sad days are celebrated with Indian Parsi Foods.

Inspired by old traditional parsi cookbooks like the “Vividh Vani”, Kapadia has come up with homemade recipes.

Cookbook presents an journey into the Food, History and Heritage of the Zoroastrians of India with Recipes that are age-old. Purchase


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[…] “Nav” (meaning new) + “roze”(meaning day)  = “New Day” The Zoroastrian Jamshedi Navroze / Nowruz / Nooruz is on March 21, 2015. Nowruz as celebrated by Parsis  In the Fasli/Bastani variant of the Zoroastrian calendar, Navroz is always the day Continue reading → […]

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