What does food have to do with the Parsi Gara / Saree

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Traditionally many food motifs are woven in gorgeous gara / saree embroidery designs by craftmen in India. Here are some samples.

Potatoes and Onion – Kanda (Onion) Papeta (Potato) Motif Design

Potatoes and Onion – Kanda (Onion) Papeta (Potato Design .
The kanda-papeta design on a gara blouse and saree from the early 20th century. The dots are the Kanda and Papeta

Pomegranate – Daram Design (Pomegranate is a fruit motif from Persia)

Mango – Keri Design (Mango is a fruit and a British Paisley Motif)

Foods in Fish and Animal kingdom motifs are a plenty! Fish is considered auspicious so lot of fish embroidery is done on silk gara.

Birds of a fine food and feather are on Garas – Peacocks, Ostrich, Swan, Cock, Hens, Flamingo, Cranes.

Crane Gara Embroidery
Peacock Gara Embroidery
Chakla-chakli Sparrows design made with the ari stitch at Parzor’s workshop.

Birds in Gara Saree
Gara embroidery with bird motifs
Cock Embroidery

Turtles, Phoenix, Butterflies, Spiders, Dragons and Snakes also deck a pretty lady’s gara / saree!

So dear ladies and lads, run to the wardrobe and pull out your grandmother’s gara. See if there are food motifs. Snap a photo and send it in to add to this collection.

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