Bawaji nu Bread Pudding

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A very creative and new Bread Pudding by Shenaz Khushroo Panthaky. This recipe has taken bread pudding up a notch!.

A feel good moment during these troubled times…..

Bawaji nu Bread Pudding - has always been a speciality. A feel good moment during these lighter times.....
Bawaji nu Bread Pudding – has always been a speciality. A feel good moment during these lighter times…..


How to make:

Ten slices of stale referigerated sandwich bread of two days (with corners cut out) to be grinded well to generate its powder.

Prepare a separate mixture of two eggs, vanilla essence, elaichi powder, half a cup of powdered sugar, two table spoons of melted butter, raisins, smashed kajus and beat it well, manually or otherwise.

Add 300 ml of buffalo milk to this mixture of eggs, etc. and beat it again.

Add powdered bread into the egg mixture and mix it rigourously for two minutes.

Take a pan and add five to six table spoons of normal sugar and a table spoon of water and prepare caramel syrup on a medium gas flame to generate a thick caramel paste.

Pour the caramel paste into a pudding mould and spread it evenly at the bottom of the mould to generate a thick crust.

Now pour the egg and milk mixture into this mould and cover it with an aluminium foil (with three to four holes poked into the foil) and steam it well on a low gas flame for 45 minutes.

This should be preferably steamed in an idli steaming vessel.

Most importantly, make it passionately and it has to turn out, very well.

Please do attempt to prepare and relish. Tandorosti………

Shenaz Khushroo Panthaky

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Hi Pervez,
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