Dudh Pak with egg

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This here is the original Parsi DUDHPAK , NO MILK POWDER.

We parsis make our authentic ‘Doodhpak’ with milk, egg and sugar whereas the hindu gujaratis make it with milk, soaked crushed rice and sugar.


▪️Take 1 litre full cream milk, bring to boil with sugar as per sweetness required then cool it down completely.

When completely cool, add and mix in 1 whole egg (plus 1 extra egg yolk – optional)

▪️1/4 cup rose water, crushed cardamom, grated nutmeg, vanilla essence and just charoli.

▪️Put it back on fire on absolute slow flame and keep stirring continuously allowing it slow boil until you reach the desired consistency of thickness… VOILA you are done!

This is the authentic Parsi Dudh Pak. No ravo, no rice, no milk powder in it… now chill it for an hour in the refrigerator and ENJOY!!

Garnish with almonds and a Sprinkle of cardamom /elaichi.



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