ZAGNY Holiday Baking Class with Rita : Cupcakes & Cake – free community cook along

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Virtual Cooking Class: Mava Cupcakes
Virtual Cooking Class: Mava Cupcakes

Baking Class with Chef Rita : Cupcakes & Cake

A Holiday Special by ZAGNY
Mava Cupcakes!!
Sunday, December 20, 2020, 11:00 – 12:00 pm EST

Follow along with Chef Rita of as she shows us how to bake delicious cake and cupcakes for the holiday table! Make a sweet treat for a holiday meal, or as a gift. Or, eat it yourself! We’ll join Chef Rita over Zoom as she shows us all how to mix up the batter and bake the cakes. All are welcome to this baking program!

TIP: When making dense cakes such as this mawa cake, the batter needs to be heavy enough. See demo of how the batter is made.

Watch a live demo, learn with more tips and cook along this holiday delicacy with Rita.



PS I have posted instructions on how to make mawa at home for the cup cakes – click here ->

We had some Christmas music, caroling and fun making the cakes together in real time. Here are some pictures from the bakers.

Nawaz sent in before and after:

From Nawaz

Khursheed ate them raw dough and says it tastes good. Mawa wins. Glad she saved one to send. 😉
From Khursheed

We had a fantastic turnout for the class. More than 50 ZAGNYs zoomers came! That adds up to 100 with 2 people on the same zoom. Thank you all for attending.

Written by Jasmin Kotwal for ZAGNY Newsletter

On Sunday, December 20th, about 50 eager Zoroastrians gathered around a zoom call to attempt, first-hand, to make the mouthwatering B. Meherwan’s mava cakes of years gone by. Fair to say, most of us were salivating at the prospect.

Chef Rita Kapadia led the group through the machinations of mixing the dough, lining the dough in loaf pans and muffin tins prior to loading them in the oven. Some on zoom questioned substituting the mava with almond flour etc., since the mava was not available to all. All in all, a fun hour spent trying to outdo B. Meherwan. 😂😂 Thanks ZAGNY board for making this happen.

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