Falooda Ice-cream Mawa Cake

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Layered Falooda Ice Cream Cake

(cardamom flavored cake layered with falooda ice cream)


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The word Parsi means Persian and it is evident that Parsi cuisine is influenced by their Persian roots as much as it is by the food culture of their adopted home, India.

Me being me wanted to create something extravagant in terms of flavours and visually of course! 😜 My thoughts behind this pastel pink cake is to pay a little homage to the Grand Parsi Cafes and their fading elegance illustrating vintage Bombay. ***In my head this is what the ‘Memsahibs’ of Malabar hill would indulge into during a tea time conversation with her equally fancy friends at one of these Parsi cafes in Bombay.

So Falooda derives from the Persian word ‘Faloodeh’ and I also wanted to make the signature Parsi Mawa Cake hence I combined the two and made an ice-cream cake with flavours of Persia which has always had a strong influence on the Parsi cuisine such as ROSE, SAFFRON, PISTACHIOS etc.


For Falooda ICE-CREAM

Heat 200 ml of evaporated milk in a pan and bring to boil. Add sugar and rose extract. Let it cool. Add lightly whipped cream (200ml) to it and fold in well. Add a drop of pink gel, cardamom powder and saffron. Beat this mixture with an electric mixer for 5 min and put it in a freezer. After an hour beat this mixture again and refreeze it until you are ready to use. (I made my ice cream on Monday  and was nibbling on it for a couple of days before it served the purpose.

For the cake. I followed the Chiffon cake method as the mawa would make the cake extremely dense anyway and I am not a fan of to dense cakes. So to make it a little lighter I followed the light airy chiffon cake method which helped a little in retaining the airiness.

For the cake

Beat egg whites of 3 eggs to form a soft peak. In another bowl take the egg yolks of two eggs and one whole egg. Beat until frothy. Add one cup sugar, 2 cup flour, pinch of salt and 1/2tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp cream of tartar. Add 3 tbs oil. 1/2 cup milk. Beat well again. Add mawa, cardamom powder, saffron extract and beat until everything is well combined. The amount of sugar is entirely personal choice. Now carefully fold in the Meringue which was prepared earlier. Transfer the batter into lightly greased aluminium tins and bake for 45 minutes at gas mark 5.

Once the cakes cools slightly remove it from the tins and place it on wire racks to cool completely. Soak chia seeds in water and also boil rice noodles. Defrost the ice cream so it is soft enough to be assembled between the cake layers.

Now in a non-stick tin (the one which has separate base and side) assemble the cake and ice cream. Cake at the bottom, topped with ice cream then another layer of cake and then more ice cream to finish off. On the top most layer, mix soaked and drained chia seeds and boiled and well drained rice noodles. Freeze this for at least 3-4 hours.

Remove the ice cream cake 10 min before serving and garnish. Carefully separate the base from the sides and dig into the ever so delicious ice cream cake!


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Sure, I have the recipe with step by step instructions. My recipe is at http://www.parsicuisine.com/boondi-agarni-ladoo/

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