Mumbai Sutarpheni सुतर फेणी

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Friends be it Parsi, Gujarati or Maharashtrian these delicacies from Parsi Dairy are distinctly superior. Make it at home the easy way – Recipe HERE Bombay Ice Halwa / Mahim Halwa or Ice Halwa Another Mumbai delicacy best available at Dayaram Damodar and Parsi Dairy. It’s available in two colours white and yellow and I […]

Delicious Paneer

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Zenobia Master’s Paneer by Ava Master & Jamjoji

Mr Boman Rashid Kohinoor passed away.

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The Britannia Parsi restaurant in Mumbai

Parsi Films that never made it

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When Harry met Salli BotiBohemian RhapsodawaterwallaTata, Mr. ChipsSo near, yet so farchaMalcolm Baug XLast Tango in Parsi ColonyWhere Eagles DaruwallaHomi AloneDhansak With WolvesChariots of Fire TempleTehmina the Shrew and/or The Taming of KekashrooAnahita HallGuess Who’s Coming to DinyarAntony and Cleopatra ni machhiApocalypse NowrowjiDriving Miss DinshawDinshawshank Redemption and/or Maneckshawshank RedemptionThe Big LeBawaskiAdil To Pagal HaiWaiting for […]

Yazdani Bakery

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There are many Irani Bakeries in Mumbai, India. You must have heard of the Kayani Bakery, but have you heard of the Yazdani Bakery? Yazdani Bakery is an Irani cafe or Persian style bakery in Mumbai, India. The bakery was opened in 1953 by Meherwan Zend, an Irani baker. All products in the bakery are handmade, and baked in diesel ovens. The bakery draws […]

Chocolate or Coffee Almond Lassi

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Where there is chocolate, there is magic! ⠀ It’s International Chocolate day! Wrapped in deliciousness, holds childhood memories, stress buster, mood lifter and what not. Let ’s indulge in some chocolate lusciousness together. Chocolate or Coffee Almond Lassi Recipe Total Time: 2 mins melting chocolate + 3 minutes of grinding Serves: 3 people Ingredients 200 […]

Translation for Gujarati to English

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Folks, there are many words on this site that are Gujarati, Hindi, and other languages. You can translate to English very easily. Click HERE to get this Google Translator for Gujarati to English. If you want the entire site to be read in another language, there is a handy translator. Please scroll down to see […]

Health benefits of sumac

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Meet Sumac, the Superfood Spice That’ll Help You Fight Inflammation—and Bland Food—for Good The ancient herb sumac—made from ruby-colored berries that are ground into a beautiful, coarse powder that bursts with color and flavor—has been underappreciated in American cooking (if you immediately thought of poison ivy, you’re wrong!) for centuries. We’re here to fix that. […]