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Zoroastrians around the world set up the traditional Haft-Seen Table in their homes.

The “Haft Chin” items are:

  1. Mirror – symbolizing Sky
  2. Apple – symbolizing Earth
  3. Candles – symbolizing Fire
  4. Golab – rose water symbolizing Water
  5. Sabzeh – wheat, or barley sprouts symbolizing Plants
  6. Goldfish – symbolizing Animals
  7. Painted Eggs – symbolizing Humans and Fertility

The term and therefore the original custom was changed due to the digraph Ch (چ) not being present in the Arabic language leading to its replacement by the letter S (س). This occurred as a result of acculturation and cultural transformation of the local Persian population by the Umayyad Caliphate following their invasion of Sassanid Persia in 650.

The Haft Seen items are:

  1. Sabzeh – (Persian: سبزه‎)-wheatbarleymung bean or lentil sprouts growing in a dish – symbolising rebirth
  2. Samanu – (Persian: سمنو‎)-sweet pudding made from wheat germ – symbolising affluence
  3. Senjed – (Persian: سنجد‎)-dried oleaster fruit – symbolising love
  4. Sir – (Persian: سیر‎)- garlic – symbolising medicine
  5. Sib – (Persian: سیب‎)- apples – symbolising beauty and health
  6. Somāq – (Persian: سماق‎)sumac fruit – symbolising (the color of) sunrise
  7. Serkeh – (Persian: سرکه‎) – vinegar – symbolising old-age and patience

Mary Boyce described a traditional Sharifabadi Zoroastrian New Years observance as including:[1]

  • Sabzeh – Sprouts from seven different kinds of seeds
  • clay figures, whitewashed (favorites being domestic animals, cows, donkeys, sheep, camel, nightingale, peacock, also household objects such as sugar-loaf, bowls, or a three-legged stool). These “bear witness to the triumphant works of creation.”
  • mirror
  • a low brazier full of fire
  • a lamp
  • sprays of cypress or pine
  • pomegranates
  • painted eggs
  • Hafez a well known persian poet’s book is displayed and poems are read during the  Yalda festival.

Photos are from the Lexington Library, MA

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 India’s Parsi Breakfast usually consists of Sweet Ravo (Semolina)  – choc-a-bloc with dry fruits) which is served with yogurt and enjoyed by young and old alike.

Mouth watering Parsi dishes are Kid Gosht,  Sali boti (a mutton and potato preparation), chicken farchas, patrani machchi (fish steamed in a leaf), mutton pulao or Berry Pulao and Dhansak / Masala dal and saas ni machchi (a thick white gravy with pomfret) jostle for space on the table.

Desserts too are not behind in terms of variety, the most easy to make being Falooda. It is a sweet milk drink made from vermicelli and flavored with rose essence. Lagan-nu-custard is a favorite on this occasion.

If you are adventurous – go for making Rita’s famous Dar ni Pori (Sweet pastry with lentils) or Rita’s Malido.


 Parsi Sev Sweet Vermicelli 

 Parsi Ravo (Sweet cream of wheat)



 Dhan Dal (Steamed Rice with plain dal) with Khari Fish

Fried Pomfret  (Tareli Maachi)


Kid Gosht 


 Lagan nu Custard


Batasa – a favorite biscuit snack. Good with Tea or Coffee anytime! 


Rita Jamshed Kapadia

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Thanks Sandhya. We have learnt so much of cooking techniques and process from Maharashtra. After all the largest population of parsis reside in Mumbai along with the Maharashtrians!


Jul 7, 2017, 4:39 pm

All the food looks so mouthwatering Rita! I love Parsi food. My mom used to make the prawn patia which I loved too.

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Thank you Nauzer, Happy Navroz and the rest of the year to you. Keep visiting and cooking.

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Aug 8, 2014, 3:27 pm

Yes, my mother’s lagan nu custard is so good. i am visiting her soon and look forward to her making it. She is 85 and diabetic. Thanks for the link, I will tell her too. Saal Mubarak to you and yours!

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Aug 8, 2014, 2:23 pm

Dear Rita, Lovely lovely menu for our New Year…I linked to your mom’s Lagan nu Custard in my post today, its the best version I know. Wish you all a happy and healthy Saal Mubarak!


Aug 8, 2014, 11:56 pm

Yes, yeast can be used to puff up bhakhras. I have experimented and the bhakras do taste different with a yeasty flavor. Add some cardamon, almonds to offset. Be careful of the amount of yeast, do not use more than needed or you may get bread like bhakhras.

Maybe our other expert members can help out with some advice – please let us know.

Zerin Khambatta

Aug 8, 2014, 10:56 pm

Need advice. Can yeast be added to make bhakhra puff up


Aug 8, 2014, 1:34 pm

It is my pleasure. Hope it will inspire you to cook some.


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Thanks for your mouthwatering recipe advice


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Thanks Thrity coming from an expert like you in parsi foods, this means a lot.


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Lovely recipes, mouth watering food, worth a try for the coming festive days.

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