Lamb tender and not overcooked – I did it

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“Has anyone cooked with Costco Australian Lamb? I have tried making sali botti, biryani with it but each time it comes out with a almost dark color and tough. Is it my masala or what! Using adoo lasan (ginger garlic ) to marinate. Any tips to keep the meat light colored and tender?”

The response I got was so nice! People do help out with tips ! Thank you everone on PER and ParsiCuisine group.

Gos-no-kharo Ras Chaval with Khatti Mithi Kachumbar

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Ingredients1 kg tender Goat Mutton, Chicken or Lamb – cut into medium pieces, washed & left to drain in colander6 large onions – chopped very fine (cut like chhudna no kando)4 tomatoes – again chopped very fine (tamota)4 Potatoes – cut into 2 halves (papeta)8-10 pods of garlic (lasan)1.5″ piece of ginger (aadu)6-8 green chillies […]

Parsi Kitchen Nostalgia – A Trip Down The Food-Memory Lane

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by Dara Khodaiji Our love for food is legendary! The way to the Parsi/Irani heart is definitely through the stomach, gender immaterial! No occasion is complete without good food. And as much as we love attending functions and events, it’s the “kaun nu catering chhe?” that forms the larger part of the decision. PT Writer […]


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Parsi Ravo Recipe

Birthday of Fire

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Mubarak to all Mazdayasni Worshippers – Parsee Zorastrians around the world
Adar roz and Adar Mah is a very auspicious day for fires. We may even consider this day as the birthday of fires. The day prior to this (roj Daepadar i.e. yesterday 20.04.2020 )is regarded as the birthday of all hearths and hearth fires, and that is why many Parsi homes decorate their cooking places with vermillion and turmeric paste and draw the Afarganyu, chipyo and chamach over there.
On the auspicious day Adar mahino adar roj several sacred fires were consecrated. The most important fire for all us Zoroastrians – the sacred Iranshah – also celebrates its birthday on this auspicious day. May we always make ourselves worthy to aspire for the blessings and protection from our sacred Iranshah.

A Parsi Story: Sugar in the Milk

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I would like to take you on a journey into the culture, and nuances of the Parsi Cuisine of India. I would like to present to you the famous Story of Parsi immigration (into India) and their welcome with “Sugar in the Milk”. One of the oldest stories of Sugar and Milk in Parsis (Parsi / […]


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Whale of a  Sev ni boi. Made with Sev, Vanilla, Sugar and decorated with Almonds, Raisins and Pistachios. Who can spot the diamond ring in the fish (boi)? Books available on Amazon Manna of the 21st Century: Parsi Cuisine Paperback Hardcover Indian Parsi Kitchen Celebrations: Celebrating Zoroastrian Festivals and Traditions […]

Happy Navroz

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Whichever word terminology is used Happy Navroze / Nawruz / Nooruz / Navroz is a celebration of spring. 

Parsi Sev

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Parsi Sev

Haft Sheen/Seen Sofreh (spread) for Naurooz

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Hamā Anjuman Prayers for Naurooz In English, Farsi and Gujarati

Easter Honey Cake

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Honey Cake Ingredients1 1/2 cup Plain flour 1/2 cup Butter 1/4th cup Oil 3/4 cup Sugar powder 1 1/2 tsp Baking powder 1/4 tsp Salt 1/4 cup Milk 1 1/2 tb sp. Vanilla essence 3 Eggs For Honey syrup 1/4 cup of water 4tb sp.of honey 2 tsp. of rose water Mix together to make […]

Happy Womens Day

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Presenting to you the lovely and dynamic team of women behind RTI! We are eternally grateful to Lady Navajbai Ratan Tata for having started this wonderful institute and giving us all a place to stand strong and independently even in today’s day and age. Being financially independent is definitely a goal and necessity for most […]

Celebrating Navroze

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Book explains Zoroastrian Ceremonies of Parsi Weddings, Navjotes, Agarni, Pug Ladoo Ceremony, Death and Birth Ceremonies
These ceremonies of joy and sad days are celebrated with Indian Parsi Foods.
Inspired by old traditional parsi cookbooks like the “Vividh Vani”, Kapadia has come up with homemade recipes.

Seven Ways to Celebrate Navroz

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Navroze / Nowruz / Nooruz  Commemorated in a grand and elaborate fashion, preparations for  Navroze begin well in advance. Houses are cleaned to remove all the cobwebs and painted new. They are then adorned with different auspicious symbols, namely, stars, butterflies, birds and fish. New attires are ordered and made especially for the festival. On […]

Navroze Celebrations – a video by PARZOR

By No comments Books available on Amazon Manna of the 21st Century: Parsi Cuisine Paperback Hardcover Indian Parsi Kitchen Celebrations: Celebrating Zoroastrian Festivals and Traditions Dhansak: Parsi Cuisine