Celebrating 200 Anniversary of the Surat Shenshahi Astashbehram

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The place of Parsi Batasa and ancient fire temples. On the 200 anniversary of the Surat Shenshahi Astashbehram, a Zoroastrian flag is raised and worshiped. My mother was born in Surat, opposite this atashbehram in a lovely house. 7 siblings, 2 parents and grandparents. The story is I took 1 hour to a egg on […]

A BIG thank you to FEZANA

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A BIG thank you to FEZANA for honouring me with this FEZANA JOURNAL Article in the summer 2023 issue. FEZANA JOURNAL is a great resource on the Zoroastrian Arts, Heritage, History and latest news. #fezana #fezanajournal #parsicuisine #Zoroastrianism #zoroastrian #foodie FEZANA JOURNAL is the official publication for FEZANA. FEZANA JOURNAL is published four times a […]

Cookbook: Dhansak

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Parsi Saas

Ravo with Egg

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Ingredients:       2 cups pasteurized cold milk.       1 cup of Ravo (fine semolina or suji)       3 tbsp Sugar (equal quantity ratio to ravo would be 1 cup of sugar. I am diabetic so I use much less and the ravo comes out just as tasty)      […]

Doodhi Chicken

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Cook the doodhi and chicken together to make a satisfying meal. Serve with warm rotli (roti) and methia nu acchaar (Hot Mango Pickle).

Why are you so fat

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Translation to english Uncle why are you so fat ? See my son. You just cant get a body like this overnight! Listed all the Parsi Delightful foods in picture, enjoy the recipes!


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Karela is very good for lowering blood glucose levels.

Tanaz Godiwalla’s Condiments Now Available in the USA on Amazon

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The wait is finally over as Parsi culinary legend, Tanaz Godiwalla, brings her line of condiments, “A Parsi Affair,” across the US through Amazon Prime. To experience the flavors of “A Parsi Affair,” head to Amazon Prime today, and get your hands on the Gajar Meva Nu Achaar and Gor Keri Meva Nu Achaar. These […]


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Tanaz Godiwalla

What is Parsi Cuisine

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PARSI CUISINE By Abhishek RajanShimla, Himachal Pradesh, India INTRODUCTIONThe parsi community originated from Persia now known as Iran. Zoroastrian Persians migrated to India after the fall of the Sassanian Empire and gave rise to the modern Indian Parsi community. According to the Qissa, Persian moved by sea to India and landed in Diu from Bushehr. […]

Udvada Bakers

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Baked with love!

Kalaghoda Malido Cafe

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Kalaghoda Malido Cafe

Swiss Potato Rosti made with Parsi Potato Sali

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Swiss Potato Rosti made with Parsi Potato Sali. This dish was inspired by the Swiss Potato Rosti served in Zurich, Switzerland. Also known a Parsi Sali per eeda Ingredients 2 Eggs 1/2 cup Parsi Potato Sali 1 tbsp unsalted Butter 3 tsp water Method Heat butter in non-stick pan Add Parsi Potato Sali  and stir […]

Indian Cooking Class: Dhansak

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Indian Cooking Class Recipes used in the Indian Cooking Class Vegetarian Dhansak Brown Rice Kachumbar by Rita Jamshed Kapadia This Dhansak is vegetarian and has no meat. It is modified to be suitable for western taste. The Spicy Dhansak recipes and photos are in my Cookbook available on Amazon Vegetarian Dhansak Dal (Lentil) Recipe Serves 6 […]