Virtual Cooking Class by Peri and Rita

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Online Cooking Class Demo Parsi Desserts of Sev, Custard and Ravo

Kummas Cake Class

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Rita’s Parsi Cuisine – Kummas.

ZAGNY presents a Virtual Cooking Class Series : Chapat

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Chapat Recipe from Cookbook “Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century” by Rita Jamshed Kapadia

Italian Roll

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Recipe translation from Vividh Vani cookbook. 011 ratal fine wheat flour 01 fine castor sugar, butter 2 tola Orange or malunga murraba Pa Sher milk 4 eggs Jam Butter Grind the murraba into pulp. Beat the eggs fluffy with a fork. Sift the flour, roast to make it dry but not burn. Next add the […]


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by Dolly Contractor Bhakhra is a popular Parsi snack recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Bhakra by following this easy recipe. Ingredients: • 500 gms Whole wheat flour • 150 gms Rava •100g self raising flour • 120 gms sugar (or to your taste) • 120 gms Cashew nuts/almonds • 2 teaspoon flat Baking Powder • […]

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

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Lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet, Modaks are sweet flour dumplings stuffed with coconut, jaggery, nutmeg and saffron. This modak recipe is a steamed version, which is also known as ‘ukdiche modak’, however there is a wide variety of this Indian dessert which includes fried modak as well. A popular dessert from Maharashtra which is consumed highly […]

Besan Ladoo

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For any occasion, whether it is Diwali, Rakhsa Bhandhan (Raki Time) or  Parsi mithu monu. These besan ladoo are so easy to make. I used to make them at 7 years of age playing with my friend. 

The Saffron Elaichi Gulab Jamun

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Saffron Elaichi Gulab Jamun  by Rita Jamshed Kapadia The Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular indian sweet, served at restaurants in the states.”Gulab” means “Rose” and “Jamun” means a “Drop”. Translated these are literally “Drops of Rose”. In this recipe the flavor is real kesar (saffron) *and elaichi (cardamom) * so I call these “Drops […]

4th of July Indian Menu with an American Twist

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Cook up some Indian food with an American twist. Red White and Blue Shrikhand Grilled Seekh Kebab See Video #1 of 2 Grilled Seekh Kebab See Video #2 Chicken Salad Blueberry Cake

Falooda – a drink for the hot summer with Rose, Cream and yummy ice-cream

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Hot Summer Days call for Cold Falooda!

Audh – forgotten but now remembered

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Parsi Audh – forgotten but now remembered.

Parsi Mawa Cake

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Parsi Mawa Cake

Khaman na ladoo

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Guess this Ladoo Name.  HINT: It is used for a Parsi Ceremony and made of Coconut 🙂  Khaman na ladoo These are made for a baby’s “pag ladoo ceremony“. This is when a baby starts walking and standing on his/her own feet.   Ingredients1/2 Cup Rice flour2 tbsp All purpose flour2 tbsp butter3/4 cup water […]

Earth Day Cookies

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Happy Earth Day

Wedding Ceremonies

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Ceremonies prior to the marriage  Rupiya Peravanu Rupiya Peravanu literally means gifting rupees in Gujarati language. This ceremony marks the unofficial engagement when both the families acknowledge the acceptance of the marriage alliance. On this day, ladies from the groom’s family pay a visit to the bride’s house. The bride is presented with a gift […]