Celebrating Navroze – 2017 Shahenshahi New Year

“Nav” (meaning new) + “roze”(meaning day)  = “New Day”

The Zoroastrian Jamshedi Navroze / Nowruz / Nooruz is on March 21, 2017.

Nowruz  Celebrations

All the Zoroastrians observe this festival by performing all the rituals and rites with full devotion and duty. A particular sect of Zarathuhtis  – “Parsi ” resides in the western part of India and hence, Jamshedi  Navroze celebrations can be prominently noticed in these regions.

Guests are welcomed by sprinkling rose water and rice, followed by applying a tilak. Breakfast usually consists of Sev (a vermicelli preparation roasted in ghee and choc-a-bloc with dry fruits) which is served with yogurt and enjoyed by young and old alike. After breakfast, it is time to visit the Agiary or Fire Temple to offer prayers. Special thanksgiving prayers, known as Jashan, are held and sandalwood is offered to the Holy Fire.  At the end of this religious ceremony, all Zarathuhtis take the privilege to exchange new greetings with one another by saying ‘Sal Mubarak’.

Various Parsi dishes, such as Sali boti (a mutton and potato preparation), chicken farchas, patrani machchi (fish steamed in a leaf), mutton pulao and dal, kid gosh and sasni machchi (a thick white gravy with pomfret) jostle for space on the table. However, the most significant dish that forms an integral part of Jamshed Navroz celebrations is pulav (rice enriched with nuts and saffron). Besides, plain rice and moong dal are a must on this day. Desserts too are not behind in terms of variety, the most important being falooda. It is a sweet milk drink made from vermicelli and flavored with rose essence. Lagan-nu-custard, or caramel custard, is another favorite on this occasion. The entire day is spent by visiting friends and relative and exchanging good wishes and blessings.

Fresh off the press: A special cookbook to celebrate Navroze / Nawruz has been published.

Celebrating Zoroastrian Festivals and Traditions

Authored by Mrs Rita Jamshed Kapadia
Edition: 1

Book explains how Zoroastrians celebrate their many milestones in life. One of them being the New Year and the coming of Spring on March 21st – Navroze/Nawruz.

This ancient and peaceful culture of Zarathustis world-wide enjoy the tradition of sharing a gift of ‘mithu mohnu’ – a sweet dish.

Recipes included are:
Agarni na Lavra
Badam ni Boi
Christmas Cake
Dar ni Pori
Lagan nu Custard
Mava from scratch
Mava Cake
Mava ni Boi
Mava na Khaja
Mitthu Dahi
Nutty Feta Cheese Spread
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Sweet & Sour Yalda Drink

Celebrations and Ceremonies
Chahar Shanbeh Suri
Christmas – the Zoroastrian Connection
Gahambar / Gahanbar
Jashan (Parsi)Jashn-e Tirgan
Jashn-e Mehergan
Jashn-e Sadeh
Khordad Sal / Zad Ruz-e Ashu Zarthusht
Navroze / Nouruz
Parsi Ses
Shab-e Yalda / Shab e Cheleh
Shenshai / Kadmi New Year (Muktads, Gathas and Pateti)
Zarthost-no-Diso / Sal Gard-e Gozasht-e Ashu Zarthusht

Publication Date:
Feb 16 2017
152381845X / 9781523818457
Click here to purchase.

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