Raabri or Kaanji Masala Mix

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This is an energy drink best taken at breakfast time. Increases your energy levels for the day and keep you vitality strong. Good for nursing mothers and pregnant mothers. Keep this Raabri/Kaanji masala prepared for winter and enjoy your cuppa once in a while or regularly! Research suggests that our brain and body thrive on […]


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How to make GHAU NU DOODH (MILK OF WHEAT) Recipe for making GHAU NU DOODH Ingredients 1 cup Whole Wheat Grains Water to soak Strong Grinder Strainer with small holes like for making paneer or I use a white cotton cloth Method Soak the wheat for about 4-5 days, and then grind it with enough […]

Some interesting tips for mothers – before and after pregnancy

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Household tips before and after pregnancy by Thrity Tantra A few tips – Pre and post Delivery of the baby……These tips are traditional from personal experience only. In case of any medical conditions, please consult your doctor without fail……Click Here to view and download A few recipes – Pre and post Delivery of the baby……(including […]

Saffron Angoori Rabdi – sugar free

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Preparation Time: 10 minsCooking Time: 10 minsMakes 4 servings Ingredients 3 cups low fat milk8 rasgullas , cut into halves1/4 tsp lemon juice1 tsp cornflour dissolved in1 tbsp low-fat milk4 tsp sugar substitutea pinch cinnamon (dalchini) powder For The Garnisha few strands saffron (kesar) MethodSoak the rasgullas in water for 1 minute, drain and discard […]