Manna of the 21st Century: Parsi Cuisine Paperback / Hardcover

The recipes touch on Rita’s Parsi Gujarati roots; now she lives in Boston suburbs and the bounty of meats, fruits and veggies spills over on every page. This is for today’s generation of home cooks and gourmet chefs.

The cookbook “Parsi Cuisine: Manna of the 21st Century” provides a treasure trove of recipes, along with an immersive cultural experience for those seeking to understand this ancient and timeless cuisine of India. With classical and regional India’s Parsi / Parsee recipes as well as an introduction to Parsi heritage, history, and culture. The book’s full color photographs. Over 150 Recipes are intertwined with descriptions of ancient and modern Indian Parsi ceremonies.


Review by Roshan Rivetna: Truly a labor of love to preserve the unique Parsi (Persian-Indian) culinary heritage.

This is a “must have” book for Parsi-Zoroastrians, especially those living in the West who wish to pass on their heritage to the next generation. Not only does it give recipes for almost all Parsi dishes (snacks, main dishes, sweet dishes, preserves and more …), some resurrected from classic volumes of past centuries, but also interspersed in the full-color pages, are interesting tid-bits of Parsi history, traditions, customs and ceremonies. It will go a long way to preserve and perpetuate our heritage.
For non-Parsis, “Parsi Cuisine” offers an opportunity to explore this unique cuisine with favorites of Dhansak (Lentils), fish and meats, whilst also getting an interesting glimpse of the Persian-Indian heritage of the Parsis. Rita has taken great pains to explain and translate the ingredients, all of which are now-a-days available in any Indian grocery.

‘Manna of the 21st Century Parsi Cuisine’ is truly a labor of love and makes a great gift for family and friends.

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