Bhakhra (Fried Cakes)

DESSERT: Bhakhra

by Rita Jamshed Kapadia

Bhakhras are fried cakes and can be savored with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Please use Caraway Seeds not shah jeera or any substitute. The flavor of caraway seeds is different. I get so many inquiries for where to get these. Many grandmothers in Ahmedabad swear by this flavor but they are hard to find.

Shahi Jeera is what many are being given as an substitute for caraway in stores, it is cheaper and found easily. Here in Boston a Indian Patel brother tried to pass if off to me saying both are the same. NOT!! Caraway seeds in Batasa is the way to go for authentic parsi ones.

I find Caraway seeds in Whole Foods, or a regular Super Market in USA in the spices aisle. Caraway is used in baking British dishes and have an European origin.

A parsi favorite of mine, I take any chance to make them for my family.

While travelling to India, the first chance I get get I head down to the Parsi Industrial in Ahmedabad to get some of their freshly made bhakhras.

In Udvada, I buy them from a small shop opposite the Atashbehram. These bhakhra are made with “Taari” (fermented toddy from a palm tree) an with caraway seeds.


3/4 cup whole wheat flour

1 cup all purpose bleached flour

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup fine semolina (Ravo)

1/2 cup ghee (clarified butter)

1 egg, beaten

2 tbsp. Yogurt or 125 ml toddy mixed with 1 tsp sugar and 125 ml warm water (Beer can be substituted for toddy)

1 tsp Caraway Seeds (optional)

Water as required

1 tsp powdered cardamom and nutmeg mixture

1/2 tsp salt

Oil for deep frying

Powdered Sugar for dusting (Optional Christmas Look)


Sift flour, semolina, spices and salt together.

Beat sugar and ghee together.

Add egg and mix well.

Add flour mixture, mix well with caraway seeds and add yogurt/toddy.

Beat to a stiff dough, adding water if necessary.

Cover with cling film or damp cloth and keep in a warm place for about 2-3 hours, till dough has risen.

Roll out about quarter-inch thick and cut into one-and-a-half-inch rounds with a biscuit cutter.

Bhakhra - Roll and cut
Bhakhra – Roll and cut

Deep fry and drain.

Bhakhra - Fried in hot oil. They puff up so always test for the right oil temperature.
Bhakhra – Fried in hot oil. They puff up so always test for the right oil temperature.

Cool and store in an airtight glass jar.

Rita Jamshed Kapadia

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  1. Sandhya says:

    The Bhakras look super yummy, Rita!

  2. Raymond Doctor says:

    Sugar is mentioned twice in the recipe.

  3. Rita says:

    Thank you very much Raymond – you are a good tester and QA (Quality Assurance).
    Took care of the typo.

  4. Cardamon and nutmeg must give your Bhakhra some great flavor. Thanks for providing a little sweet with Fiesta Friday this week.

  5. Jhuls says:

    I haven’t tried something like this before, but these sound so good. I am not sure if this is something similiar to our treats in the Philippines called “bulwa”. I have to find out. 😀 Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday party!

  6. Great cookies – thanks for sharing at the Great Cookie Exchange!

  7. Rita says:

    Helen, you have a great site and cookie exchange. Glad to have participated. Rita

  8. I lived in Ahmedabad for long, but never tried out any Parsi delicacies. My bad! Never heard of the Parsi Industrial either. What exactly is it?

    The bhakras look awesome! I’ll surely try making these at home. 🙂

  9. These look like something we have at home, but different spices. Do you think they can be made with milk or juice instead of toddy? Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday.

  10. Tinaz Cooper says:

    U haven’t mentioned the quantity of caraway seeds, most important ingredient!

  11. Rita says:

    Thanks Tinaz, it has been corrected. Appreciate your help.

  12. Rita says:

    Yes, you can substitute “apple cider juice” for “toddy”. Add 1/2 tsp of baking powder with juice.

  13. Rita says:

    Good to meet another Ahmedabad girl 🙂

    Parsi Industrial has been around for over 50 years now. It is like the RTI in Mumbai.

    It is located in Khanpur, opp Khanpur Darwaja in Ahmedabad. Also know as the ”
    Zoroastrian Ladies Indusrial Co-operative Society.”

    I attached a photo of the box with address. They supply lunch, dinner (Bhonu) for seniors too.

  14. Thanks Rita!

  15. Zara says:

    Hi Rita, what can be a non alcoholic substitute for toddy & beer, please.

  16. Rita says:

    Toddy or Beer can be substituted with regular baking powder. Use 1 tsp. Do let me know how they come out. Rita

  17. Rashna says:

    Hi Rita, I make bhakras at home but when I fry them they always fati jai. Can you tell me what I can do.

  18. Rita says:

    Hi Rashna, Bhakhra fati jai – the bhakhra split and scatter in the oil right? Are you using this recipe and what are you using toddy or beer?

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