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Parsi Dairy Farm: Mumbai’s Gold Standard in Milk & Milk-Based Products

I was at a modern food superstore in Bandra, Mumbai’s swish suburb, the other day. I walked past rows of… Continue reading »

Know Your Food: Parsi Cuisine At A Glance

Jamva chaloji We all know how the lovely Parsi community came to the Indian subcontinent, but we seldom adore the… Continue reading »

Bombay Bakery’s Coffee Cake

by Bisma Tirbizi Nostalgia is a beautiful thing — it comes with editing, and our brain selectively remembers only the… Continue reading »

Catering by Chef Gulrukh Irani

Head over to TAJ Lands End for fine dining

DINING From hearty Italian, to aromatic Indian to the piquant spices of fine Chinese, fine-dining restaurants at Taj Lands End,… Continue reading »

Mumbai: From Parsi to Peshawri (with recipes)

Explore the Irani eateries and Parsi cafes of this diverse city, and you’ll discover that Mumbai is a culinary mecca… Continue reading »

Motilal Masalawala The best place for Parsi dhana jeera masala.

Belgaum Gheewala, a shop often patronized by Parsis

Vasanu Orders

Hi Friends, We are back with our Parsi Winter special of homemade VASANU with top quality ingredients of dry fruits,… Continue reading »

Travel: Places for Indian Parsi Fare

Have a safe and happy journey! We welcome pictures if you visit any of these places!

DIWALI ARRIVES EARLY IN USA WITH A STAMP Get Parsi Sweet recipes and supplier

Some Diwali Sweets Suppliers and Recipes: Where to buy unsalted butter in Mumbai ?  – Parsi Dairy Farm White Butter… Continue reading »

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