Jimmy Boy’s Parsi Food Special

Parsi Food Special | Jimmy Boy | Foodie & The Feast

Parsi or Irani cafes are an integral part of Bombay’s diverse food culture. Food apart, they present an interesting mix of history & nostalgia. In this video, our host Arjun visits Jimmy Boy, one of the city’s most iconic restaurants, & dives deep into the culinary experience called Parsi Cuisine. Do watch!

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Rita Jamshed Kapadia

Cookbooks are available on Amazon. 

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  1. Cyrus Patel says:

    Hi Rita..
    Im from POONA… following all the recipes.. would like to pick up all your recipe books in Indian rupee… how do I do that… please guide me… & also please suggest all the best books i can order…… GOD BLESS…!!!! All the best

  2. Rita says:

    Hi Cyrus,

    #1 best cookbook to order in India is the “Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century Kindle Edition” for Rs. 999 plus shipping.
    Go to this link on Amazon https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07BWNHJ6J to order.

    #2 is Mastering Parsi Cuisine: India’s Parsi Food Authentic Recipes
    Mastering Parsi Cuisine: India’s Parsi Food Authentic Recipes
    Rita Jamshed Kapadia
    Kindle Edition
    ₹ 449.00

    Paperbacks of the above are available only from US, UK, Italy, Canada and abroad.
    All I can suggest is request some friend in these countries to order it for you from Amazon.
    Keep enjoying the recipes on this site, and do drop a line here.

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