Almond Fish or Badam ni Boi or Marzipan


This fish shaped dessert is very popular among the Indian Parsi community. It is molded in the shape of a fish because the fish is a symbol for fertility and good luck. It can be sliced and eaten as dessert.

Recipe is included in the cookbook “Treasured Grandmother’s Recipes”. Click on the Cookbook below to purchase.

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3 thoughts on “Almond Fish or Badam ni Boi or Marzipan

  1. Hello Khursheed, Please see the mawa ni boi recipe for sugar quantity. Mawa ni boi will not stay without refrigeration since it is made of milk. Refrigerated 15 days.

  2. You said that mawa ni boi too is made in the same way. My question is what will be the ration of mawa and sugar. mawa being sweet we may need less sugar. How long can mawa ni boi stay with and without refrigerating. Thanx

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