July 2, 2018

Gor Papri

by Farida J. Major

My darling Parsis,

This is my adored mother’s gor papri recipe.  After ages and ages I decided to make it again.  If you are retired and have an abundance of patience, go ahead and make it cos delicious as it is, it took a cool three hours to make.

What’s more I forgot to add a key ingredient – elaichi (cardamom).  My darling friend Nancy Daruwala had put this recipe in the ZAF parsi recipe book.

The ingredients run around $20 for one medium sized tray.  And although the picture shows one ball of gor, I used one large and one small.  A fanatic for ginger, I used 7 (yes, seven heaped tbsps of ginger).  This recipe is especially for my mother’s grand vohus my Andrea Major and my Nina Dubash.

Some pointers ( which kind of make this dish a pain in the ass to make) would be the constant stirring.  And equally painful, the pouring of the mixture on to the tray.

Ladies please, if there’s a child in the home, MAKE SURE he/she is not anywhere near when you pour the steaming hot mixture on to the tray.  Enjoy.

This brought back fond memories of my childhood and my ever beloved mother.

Also it is one of the most supreme of digestive treats ever.

God bless.

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