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Wedding Pickle, Lagan nu Achar made in the USA

Lagan nu Achaar is a Pickle made from fresh carrots, ginger, garlic, raisins, apricots, figs, spices, sugar, jaggery and balsamic vinegar…. Continue reading »

Yogurt Shrikand in Red White and Blue

Yogurt is hung to make it thick. Garnish with fresh blueberries, sliced almonds and serve shrikand immediately. Makes: 2 Servings… Continue reading »

Mango Preserve Keri no Ambakalyo


AMBAKALIO Ingredients: 1 kg semi-ripe mangoes (any variety, but for best results and taste, either alphonso, or, even better still,… Continue reading »

Mango Halwa

by Pariz Neville Gandhi‎

Sweet Symphony of Strawberries, Roses and Custard

Roses are my favorite flower, Strawberries my favorite Fruit and Custard favorite dessert, so here’s putting all 3 together for… Continue reading »

FEZANA JOURNAL: Joys of Retiring in North America

FEZANA Journal, Winter Issue 2016   Joys of Retiring in North America. By Rita Jamshed Kapadia So many pleasures await… Continue reading »

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is February 14, 2017 on the corner. Chocolate Strawberry Fig Almond Cake Rum Cake  

Parsi Berry Pulao

  by  Jennifer Mascarenhas Few of my friends went to Sodabottleopenerwala and relished the Parsi cuisine there! While talking to… Continue reading »

FEZANA Journal Joys of Retiring in North America.

    by Rita Jamshed Kapadia FEZANA Journal, Winter Issue 2016 So many pleasures await you – there is a… Continue reading »

Happy Thanksgiving

Famous Cranberry Apple Sauce from our cookbook and featured in FEZANA Journal 2016. Journal Archive Current Issue FEZANA JOURNAL and… Continue reading »

Tomato and Eggs (Tabota par Eeda)

Tomato and Eggs (Tabota par Eeda)

Tomato and Eggs go so well together. I made Tomato and Eggs a parsi favorite yesterday.  It is a sweet… Continue reading »

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