Zoroastrian weddings are a religious ceremony in which two individuals, a man and a woman are united. A few of our ceremonies are briefly described here.

A Parsi Wedding (lagan) usually takes place either at a Baug or at an Agiary – the Fire Temple. We Parsis consider the period immediately after sunset or very early in the mornings auspicious for marriage.

On the day of the Parsi Wedding (lagan), a chalk or rangoli pattern adorns the staircase and doorway of the bride & the groom’s home. Even the gates of the wedding venue or baug are decorated with large colorful designs.

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Wedding feast Menu:

  1. First serving begins with Wafers (rice sarya), Lagan nu Achaar (pickle) and Rotli (chappati or bread) and a vegetable dish like Parsi Lagansara Stew.

  2. Second serving can be a chicken (or any meat) dish. This Chicken course includes: Chicken Farcha or Salli Ma Margi followed by more meat in the form of Kid Gosht.

  3. Third serving is followed with fish some examples are  Fried Fish, Machi no saas or Patra ni macchi.

  4. Fourth serving consists of a rice entree –  Mutton pulao (or vegetarian pulao) with  Dhansaak Masala Dal.

  5. Fifth and a sweet ending with Lagan Nu Custard, an extremely rich dessert, is offered.  In the summer Cassata Icecream or chilled Kulfi is better.

Wedding and Navjote meals are traditionally served on clean green banana leaves (which are organic and degradable).  When hot dishes are served on fresh banana leaves the leaves release a sweet flavor which gets infused in the food!

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