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We used to get Nankhatai like these in Surat, India from the famous Dotivala Bakery. 2 khatai wrapped back to back in wax paper together. Now making them in USA, makes my day during the Covid-19 lockdown. Recipe by Vera Dinshaw Springett and Sandra Master Ingredients– 4 cups All-purpose Flour– 1.25 cups or 10oz of […]

Gulshan Ewing: When life gave Amma lemons, she grew lemon trees

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Article by Meenakshi Shedde | Mid-Day The Shedde family has a special relationship with Mrs Ewing, that started at the raddiwalla. We lived in a modest chawl in Santa Cruz during my childhood, and moved to a three-bedroom apartment when I was in primary school. Gulshan Ewing, former editor of Eve’s Weekly and Star & Style, […]

Free EBook: Eat, Live, Pray

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Dear ParsiCuisine Members, Note: Reproduced under “Fair Use for Educational Purpose” However much havoc COVID 19 has caused it has also given us a gift, the gift of time through the lock down, to utilize that time  in creative ways to explore new hobbies, new passions, experiment with new recipes.   In that spirit of sharing […]

Indian Bhurji with Cottage Cheese (Egg free)

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Prepared this almost like our Parsi Egg Akuri INGREDIENTS 300 Grams Paneer/Cottage Cheese 3 medium onions finely chopped 1 green chilli finely chopped 1 Finely chopped spring onion 1 tsp Ginger-garlic paste 1/4 tsp turmeric powder 1/4 tsp jeera powder 1/2 tsp dhana powder 1/2 tsp black pepper powder Chilli powder to taste 2 medium […]

Earth Day Cookies

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Happy Earth Day

Pistachio Soup

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Presenting Chef Behzad Jamshidi making delicious Persian food. Pistachio Soup with rose, orange and fresh vegetables. Yummy! Rita Jamshed Kapadia Cookbooks are available on Amazon. Rita has published the MEGA "Manna of the 21st Century Parsi Cuisine cookbook" and several other mini cookbooks.

Salli Boti

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Red hot mutton cooked to perfection amid sizzling hot spices, crowned with beautiful golden potato shreds. (Salli) by Rita Jamshed Kapadia Ingredients 4-5 Tbsp of oil 1 bowl of chopped onions 2 Tbsp ginger garlic paste 300 gm of boneless mutton or chicken 1 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder 1 1/2 […]

Birthday of Fire

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Mubarak to all Mazdayasni Worshippers – Parsee Zorastrians around the world
Adar roz and Adar Mah is a very auspicious day for fires. We may even consider this day as the birthday of fires. The day prior to this (roj Daepadar i.e. yesterday 20.04.2020 )is regarded as the birthday of all hearths and hearth fires, and that is why many Parsi homes decorate their cooking places with vermillion and turmeric paste and draw the Afarganyu, chipyo and chamach over there.
On the auspicious day Adar mahino adar roj several sacred fires were consecrated. The most important fire for all us Zoroastrians – the sacred Iranshah – also celebrates its birthday on this auspicious day. May we always make ourselves worthy to aspire for the blessings and protection from our sacred Iranshah.

Wedding Ceremonies

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Ceremonies prior to the marriage  Rupiya Peravanu Rupiya Peravanu literally means gifting rupees in Gujarati language. This ceremony marks the unofficial engagement when both the families acknowledge the acceptance of the marriage alliance. On this day, ladies from the groom’s family pay a visit to the bride’s house. The bride is presented with a gift […]

Mawa Coconut Rawa cake

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Sweetner – Brown Sugar. Ingredients 250 grams Mawa 1 cup yogurt/Dahi 100 grams Rawa/Sooji/Semolina 100 grams desicated coconut 6 eggs 250 grams Amul Butter 250 grams brown sugar 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon nutmeg powder 1 teaspoon vanilla essence. Method Blend Mawa and Yogurt in a mixer so that the Mawa is free […]

Batasa a favorite biscuit snack. Good with Tea or Coffee anytime!

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Batasa a favorite biscuit snack.

Brun Pao and Maska

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by Dilnawaz Rustomji Ingredients 6 cups flour 3 cups lukewarm water 1 packet dry yeast 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar Butter for greasing bowl and baking sheet. Method Dissolve yeast in the water. Mix rest of the ingredients with the yeast. Knead dough into a ball until it does not stick on your […]

Butter Makhania Biscuits or Batasa

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These were made in United States and with a standard conventional oven.

How to make Maska (White Butter)

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Bawaji nu Bread Pudding

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A very creative and new Bread Pudding by Shenaz Khushroo Panthaky. This recipe has taken bread pudding up a notch!. A feel good moment during these troubled times…..   How to make: Ten slices of stale referigerated sandwich bread of two days (with corners cut out) to be grinded well to generate its powder. Prepare […]

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