Free EBook: Eat, Live, Pray

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Dear ParsiCuisine Members,

Note: Reproduced under “Fair Use for Educational Purpose”

However much havoc COVID 19 has caused it has also given us a gift, the gift of time through the lock down, to utilize that time  in creative ways to explore new hobbies, new passions, experiment with new recipes.   In that spirit of sharing and providing  materials to keep us all busy in those extra free hours of the day, we are sending you this book “Eat, Live and Pray. A celebration of Zarthushti Culture and Cuisine ”  a recipe book  compiled in 2011  by Farishta  Dinshaw, of Toronto specially for the 25th anniversary of FEZANA . 

Cook and enjoy but keep an eye on that weighing scale !!!

Dolly Dastoor Ph.D

FEZANA   Journal

Click here for the download.

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