Bombay Duck (Boomla) Cutlets

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Taja Boomla Cutlets from Vividh Vani. Only change in the recipe is that I’ve barely used any oil while frying.


by Kainaaz R. Patell

6 big boomlas or 12 medium sized
2 cups Kothmir Cilantro washed and chopped fine
3 Big green chillies

1 tsp Ground pepper
4 eggs
Bread crumbs or ravo as per requirement
Rice flour and ghee as per requirement

Grind chopped kothmir and chillies or cut very finely. Break 1 egg in a plate and beat it well.

Clean and wash the boomlas. Cut each open on ONE side only and carve out the kanta from the middle with a sharp knife. Cut each boomla into 3 pieces if big, or 2 pieces if medium sized. Mix 2 tsp salt into them and arrange them in a big sieve. Put a fitting lid over them so as to squeeze/ press them tight. Keep for 15 minutes. Then apply rice flour and wash them well.

Add kothmir, chillies and pepper paste and the beaten egg and mix well. Roll each boomla in ravo or bread crumbs, press well and roll again 2 times.

Break the remaining 3 eggs in a big plate, beat them to a fine mix. 1 pinch of salt for each egg. Place each boomla carefully in the mixture. Using hand or use the spatula. Turn carefully on the other side with spatula, or pour egg mixture on the upper side with a spoon to cover the boomla well.

Heat oil and when properly heated, place each boomla carefully with a spatula. Cook on a slow fire. When 1 side is done, turn it over and fry the other side.

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