Parsi Papua

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Parsi cuisine /Iranian cuisine/ Desserts/ Customised Hampers & Much more to Feed your dreams!


Good Food ..Good Desserts ..Good feelings.

Paradise on your plate.

The people behind the brand are 2 sisters – Tunisha Bhamgara and Jia Bhamgara , from the orange city – Nagpur, India.


Tunisha a top class Architect Graduate aged just 23,and Jia at the age of 17 is a self made Culinary Artist. Almost a year and a half ago they started their journey as a home Caterer with their cloud kitchen . Started their dream project from a 80 square feet simple kitchen to a fully automated Modern central kitchen of 500 square feet, yet another expansion soon on way. They have served more than 7500 customers across Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune even Gujarat specialising in Parsi and Iranian cuisines , Cakes and Desserts, building on the continued popularity.


They started to tap bigger opportunities by catering to high-end home parties, corporate events, pop-up events, Fests, Exhibition, also resourced to restaurants, as well as to NGO Organisations.


At these events , the customers spoke highly of their Parsi & Iranians cuisines, cakes, cookies, ten layered pastries which are differently delicious using the best of raw materials of international standards . Realising that these specialities deserve a Class of its own.


Parsi Papau has worked towards becoming a gourmet retail brand, by building their own modern central kitchens, coming up soon with satellite kitchens and pick-up points to be able to service corporate and retail clients. Hopefully Soon to start up in other cities too. They allready have a list of enterprising entrepreneurs, who are interested in taking up their franchise in different cities .

Their gourmet immunity booster is the result of their Grandmother Khorshed Minoo Bhamgara and their mom Dinaz Adil Bhamgara and Great Grand Mother Manie K Bhagat (Jhansi) who are themselves specialized as Home chefs and Bakers.


Not to forget they have got inspiration from there extended family of the World renowned

” Globe Hotels – Udwada ” , oldest Parsi Hotel in India .

serving the most authentic Parsi cuisines still cooked over firewood with their old aged secret recipes and home blended spices come down through generations.


Now Tunisha and Jia are foraying into event management and particularly to help start ups in every field of food industry, lifestyles and much more.

Books available on Amazon Manna of the 21st Century: Parsi Cuisine Paperback Hardcover Indian Parsi Kitchen Celebrations: Celebrating Zoroastrian Festivals and Traditions Dhansak: Parsi Cuisine

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Tunisha Bhamgara

Jun 6, 2022, 11:50 pm

Thank you for your kind words! We are extremely overjoyed to read this!

Lots of love,
Parsi Papau

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