Raabri or Kaanji Masala Mix

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This is an energy drink best taken at breakfast time. Increases your energy levels for the day and keep you vitality strong. Good for nursing mothers and pregnant mothers.

Keep this Raabri/Kaanji masala prepared for winter and enjoy your cuppa once in a while or regularly!

Research suggests that our brain and body thrive on variety. The 11 nutrient-rich ingredients of raabri / kaanji work together as a potent energy offering many health protecting properties.

Please note this raabri / kanji health mix is NOT the same as the Indian dessert called Rabri and sold by GITS brand and other companies.

RECIPE #1 for Raabri / Kanji Masala Mix

200 grams Singoda Powder
100 grams Gahvu Nu Dudh Powder
10 grams Gokharu Powder
50 grams Kamal Kakri (Lotus root) Powder
25 grams Pipri mul Powder
15-20 grams white pepper powder
25 grams soonth / ginger powder
10 Safed Musli powder
100 grams Char Magaz powder (watermelon seeds ground)
150 grams Almonds (ground powder)
100 grams Pistachio (ground powder)

Pure ghee to roast, Nutmeg powder and Cardamon Powder is optional.

Note White Pepper, Soonth will be slightly spicy hence add less as per taste.

If ready made powder of any above ingredients is available you may buy or else grind each ingredient separately and mix well.

Add almonds, pistachios and cashew powders – makes this very rich and nutritious.

Store in an airtight jar.

Method to make Raabri / Kaanji

1 to 2 Cups milk or as needed.

1 – 2 Tbsp Pure Ghee or as needed

2 teaspoonfuls of the Raabri / Kanji Masala

Saute in a little pure ghee and then add 1 cup milk gradually & stirring continuously. Add more milk if it gets thick.

Simmer, stirring continuously till it boils for about 15 minutes.

Remove from stove. 

Mix cardamom/elaichi and nutmeg/jaifal powder & drink it hot. With a spoon since it will be thick, creamy and pouring consistency!

Add a tsp of sugar if desired. Enjoy!

These Indian ingredients can be purchased in a desi / gujarati indian grocery store. To help locate an item talk to the Gujarati person since these are terms from India. Translation of the above ingredients are as follows. (Amazon carries some of these as well, though I prefer the local Indian grocery stores)

Singoda Powder

English: Water chestnut or caltrop. Bengali: Singhara. Water chestnut or caltrop, is an aquatic plant belonging to the genus Trapa. The edible part is actually a large seed, which is surrounded by an odd-looking fruit.

Ginger Powder (Soonth)

Jaiphal Nutmeg
Javantry Mace

Elaichi Cardamom pods or powder

Gokharu Powder

Kamal Kakri Powder

Safed (white) Musli powder

White Pepper Powder

Char jaat nu Magaj or Watermelon seeds


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Wonderful share! I’m going to look for these ingredients immediately.


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Good advic to buy from a shop – Amazon is usually so much pricier. I think sometimes people are a but hestitant to talk to the shop owners but most will bend over back wards to help you out!

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This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us over at Fiesta Friday!

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