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Dear Friends,

My Online Cooking Class with a live demo of several Omeletes, The Spicy Parsi Poro, Kharo Plain Omelet and different Akuris was a heart-warming success. The boiled egg akuri was completely a new dish for many! I enjoyed doing the class and my many thanks to family and friends for attending. Stay tuned for the next one. Please do send suggestions on what you would like to see demoed. Mawa Cakes, Cutlets, Kabab, Parsi Patio, Jamshed’s Kheemo 🙂
Best – Rita.


Demo: Omelets and Akuri.

Rita and team demoed a full menu of Indian Spice Omeletes and Akuris:

Parsi Masala Poro

Kharo Plain Poro

Vegetarian Omelet (with no eggs)

Gluten free Omelet

Bharuchi Akuri

Masala Akuri

Boiled Egg Akuri – which was an entirely NEW dish by Rita

Omelets or the favorite Parsi Poro is a popular Sunday breakfast, served with tomato ketchup or strawberry jam and hot crisp bread toast or buns.

It is also a favorite sandwich on a picnic.

Poro (pun intended of porio) also means “Boy” in gujarati and some folks pun this for a girl to get her porio !!!

Here is the Spicy Parsi Omelet Recipe Link and you will find many Akuri recipes here on site –


Dear Friends,

I am holding an on-line Cooking Class on May 24 th and want to invite you to have some fun and learn how to make mouth-watering Omelet – the Parsi Poro. A fusion of Western and Eastern (Indian Parsi) cuisine. The spicy Omeletes are very easy to make and I use readily available ingredients in North America. Poro is a delicious zangy omelet made with all natural ingredients and garnish, healthy and sumptuous as a quick meal. This will be a live demonstration and we will make both from start to finish.

What: Online Cooking Demonstration Class – via Zoom

When: Sunday, May 24 th, 4 – 5:30 PM

Please sign up early as limited Zoom slots are available.

The fee is $25 and includes an e-book. PayPal Button is below.

Please feel free to share this with your friends. Thanks, stay safe and healthy.


The paypal information is as follows:
• Go to and login with your paypal account.
• Choose Send or Request Money and then Send Money
• In the text box enter
• Enter the amount and then sending to a friend option.
• Add a note explaining # of people, kids ages etc.. if necessary
• Click Continue and choose How you want to pay. You may use a Credit card, Paypal balance or Bank debit. It is better for you as you are not charged any fee in that case.
• Click next and then send payment now.

If you are unable to send the payment by paypal, we will accept a few checks but the preference is of paypal. Email for her address to mailing the check.

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