Egg Mania

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Eggs are a MANIA with Parsi community. We love eggs, eating 2 per day is normal for a parsi.

Make a extraordinary egg today!


4 eggs

1 tsp Ghee / Olive oil

1 Elbeskiver pan

Spices black pepper, red pepper, turmeric and any other you like.

Salt to taste.


Heat the Ebebeskiver pan with Ghee/Olive Oil in 4 of the cups.


Break the eggs in each cup.

Cook and fry till egg is light brown.

Sprinkle salt and when eggs are set, flip eggs in cup using a fork or a wooden bamboo stick.

Cook some more and Sprinkle spices.

Remove from pan and enjoy hot!

Norpro Nonstick Stuffed Pancake Pan, Munk / Aebleskiver / Ebelskiver Pan

If you do not have the pan, you can use your Popatjee Pano.

Here is another found in Kerala, India and used for Appam. AppamPatra Paniyaram Non Stick Pan with Stainless Steel Lid

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