Pizza per Eedu

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The latest trend is Pizza with a Egg! aka Pizza per Eedu.

Pizza per Eedu

Looking at pictures of pizza with eggs on top was a little nauseating. Why would anyone want to eat an egg on top of a particularly yummy pizza? But here is the surprise, once you have tasted it it is so goooood.

I have Pizza at home, so I thought why not try this trend and find out for my self. Here is the recording of a video on how to do this. I call it “The Parsi Pizza” . Parsi community loves eggs, they cook eggs daily and put on vegetables, meat and relish the proteins it provides for your daily nutrition. Traditionally enjoyed with Rotli / Roti / Toasted Bread / or Naan for breakfast. Click here for the traditional recipes and check out the category for Egg.

But hey this Pizza per Eedu can make a great lunch or dinner. Easy to make with leftover pizza and 2 eggs.

The taste is out of this world, it tastes glorious with the fried egg and the tomato sauce, pepperoni, green peppers and cheese. It is like having tomato per eedu (click for recipe).

Air Fryer Used:

The way to make a fried egg is detailed in the video. Fried golden crisp with ghee.

Try it you will be happy you did…

Air Fryer for reheating Pizza

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dadi pudumjee

Apr 4, 2022, 10:13 pm

Rita some of the best Pizza I have eaten in Naples had eggs on them ..

Apr 4, 2022, 7:01 am

Dadi, so good to know about Naples. You have traveled quite a bit.
Here in Boston the Italian pizza has become American. There was a egg scare for cholesterol back in the eighties and people went easy on eggs.

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