Chocolate or Coffee Almond Lassi

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Where there is chocolate, there is magic! ⠀
It’s International Chocolate day!

Wrapped in deliciousness, holds childhood memories, stress buster, mood lifter and what not. Let ’s indulge in some chocolate lusciousness together.

Chocolate or Coffee Almond Lassi Recipe

Total Time: 2 mins melting chocolate + 3 minutes of grinding

Serves: 3 people


200 gms chilled thick yogurt ( you could also use hung curd if you wish)
2 tbsp water
100 gms dark chocolate chunks (substitute chocolate with coffee – less sugar)
4 tbsp nutella at room temperature
2 tbsp cocoa powder
8 to 9 toasted or roasted almonds sliced into juliennes
2 tbsp caster sugar Or brown sugar( I prefer less sugar you can add more if required)
a pinch of salt
few ice cubes(optional)

Combine chocolate, cocoa and nutella into a microwave bowl with 2 tbsp water. Microwave on high power for 60 secs Or until melted.
Allow the chocolate to come to room temperature.
Now mix melted chocolate, some toasted almonds, chilled yogurt, caster sugar and some ice cubes if using.
Grind them into a processor until they all mix evenly.
Serve chilled in tall glasses Or matkas Or metal glasses. Decorate on top with reserved toasted almond juliennes.


It will be better if use chilled yogurt than ice cubes. As ice cubes will make your lassi more thinner.
You can bake almonds for ten mins at 200 °C. Now chop them into juliennes with a sharp knife.
Also don’t mix hot melted chocolate with yogurt. Allow the chocolate to come to room temperature then mix with other ingredients.

Note: Substitute chocolate with coffee – less sugar

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Sep 9, 2019, 12:03 pm

Wow! This sounds innovative!


Jun 6, 2021, 1:01 am

I have often wondered about using coffee in a lassi as opposed to in a milk I have my answer..Thank you for the recipe!

Rita Jamshed Kapadia

Jun 6, 2021, 8:39 am

Anamit – Yes, this is a healthy option. Thanks for dropping by! Rita

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