Besna ceremony is performed when a child is able to sit (approximately at 7 months of age).

The child is seated on a “Patla” (little stool).

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Besan Ladoo 

Khaman na ladoo 

Boondi Ladoo (Agarni Ladoo)

Ladoos are placed around him/her. Same Ladoos can be used for the “Pag Ladoo” Ceremony, when the child starts to walk.

“Tili” is put on the forehead and garland on him/her. Decorate with Rangoli and bring out the  sagan ni Ses!

Cash and gifts are then given to the child by parents, grandparents and family members

(click on link for recipes)

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Mar 3, 2015, 10:40 pm

[…] like funerals, births, weddings, navjotes, jashans, traditional ceremonies like agarni, pug ladoo, besnu, pachori, charam all have special food […]

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