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The Madavsaro ceremony is done four days before the wedding. The families of the bride and the groom each plant a young tree in a pot, amidst recitation of prayers by the family priest and place this at the entrance of their individual homes. This is generally a mango plant and is treated as a symbol of fertility. We used a blueberry plant.

Draw some Chalk and a Sathiyo near the place of the ceremony plant.

The soil in which the tree is planted is mixed with flakes of three types of metals (usually gold, silver etc), paan (betel leaf), supari (betel nut), haldi (turmeric) and dry dates. The plant is watered every morning till the eighth day after the wedding and then transplanted elsewhere.

If the holidays for working folks cause a problem, then this ceremony is performed just a few days before the wedding. Actually the word is “Mandap Sarvo” which means starting construction of the “mandap” (stage) and blessing it’s construction and future purpose.

The brother of the bride (or uncle on mother’s side) will be performing the ceremony and planting a plant to signify the bride starting her new life.

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