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Like every year, Ahmedabad based Parsi Kasti weavers PalV’s Kasti have launched Parsi Roj Calendar followed by Zoroastrians all over the world. This Shenshai Roj calendar has some unique features like it shows dates of English and Gujarati Calendar. It also shows us holidays in India and Full Moon and No Moon Day. Special Days like Salgrehs of different Agiyaries are also mentioned. Their calendar starts from August 2022 to August 2023. 

PalV’s Kasti launched the calendar which is free to download in the pdf format. This PDF is well optimised for printing according to ratios of the A3, A4 size paper. Currently only Shenshai Calendar is launched but soon, they will launch the Falsi and Kadmi Calendar in the near future. All Parsi can visit their website to know today’s Parsi Roj and Salgrehs of Agiyary.

Owner’s of PalV’s Kasti believe in giving their customers best valued products that is Parsi Sadra and Parsi Kasti at most reasonable rates. That’s why PalV’s Kasti is not a business but a service to our whole Zoroastrian Community all over the world. They have been Kasti weaving since the past three and half decades with their skillful hands.

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