Italian Roll

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Recipe translation from Vividh Vani cookbook.

011 ratal fine wheat flour
01 fine castor sugar, butter
2 tola Orange or malunga murraba
Pa Sher milk
4 eggs

Grind the murraba into pulp.
Beat the eggs fluffy with a fork.
Sift the flour, roast to make it dry but not burn. Next add the sugar to flour.
Boil the milk in a pot to one full boil.
Add butter to milk and bring to boil again.
Add the sugared flour, eggs, murraba and stir continuously to a thick consistency.
On a parchment paper, brush butter.
Spread the flour mix 1/4 inch thick. Bake at 250 F till half done. Remove the parchment paper liner.
Spread jam on this and bake till cake is done.
Roll up. Cool, cut into slices.
Enjoy the Italian roll.

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