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Favorite Parsi Recipes

I am looking for this person as there are many Parsis looking to buy her AMAZING COOKBOOK! I was given a copy by my mum and it just fails proof. Many WORLDWIDE on a Cooking forum would love a copy. It does not seem that they are available in stores any longer. If anyone knows of her or her family, please PM me as we would like to help her.

Yasmin Sibal is the author and her self-published “FAVOURITE PARSI RECIPES” in 1973 and a revised edition in 1975 Printed in India by offset at Usha Offet PrintersPvt Limited, Udyog Mandir,7C, Bhagoji Keer Marg, Mahim, Bombay 400 016 She lived in the Breach Candy area, Warden Road back in the day.


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