Rita Jamshed Kapadia is founder and sole owner of website since 1999.

Rita is a Software Engineer and a Web Developer.  She was vice president of the Zoroastrian Association of Greater Boston Area and is currently manages the ZAGBA Website.

Rita administrates a discussion group named “Parsi Cuisine” (PC) on facebook. Its membership is open to all, even non-parsis so all can enjoy free parsi food resources, recipes, tips and cooking photos. The membership is now 12,500 + at the time of this writing.

Rita learned Parsi cooking from her mother – Parin, and mother-in-Law – Jaloo, making staple foods of a Parsi home. Inspired by old traditional Parsi cookbooks like the “Vividh Vani”, Rita has written several cookbooks.

You can follow her on, on Twitter @ParsiCuisine and on Facebook Page at

Please visit Amazon’s Rita Jamshed Kapadia Page for her publications.

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