About Rita: Since 1999, Rita Kapadia, founder of ParsiCuisine.com, has provided recipes,food news, health tips and articles on this website.

Recently, Rita has published several Parsi Cuisine cookbooks. Cookbooks are sold worldwide.

Rita’s Parsi Cuisine Cookbooks are a labor of love. The cookbooks began in an effort to maintain and preserve our recipes and traditions for the next generation, many of whom have been raised in USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany,Canada and other countries outside of India.

The author Rita Jamshed Kapadia resides in USA and has published cookbooks using her own talent, and groceries bought in America!

Rita learnt from her Mother Parin and Mother-in-Law Jaloo the favorites and staples of a parsi home.

Inspired by old traditional parsi cookbooks like the “Vividh Vani”, Rita has come up with homemade recipes of Popatjee, Bhakhra, Murabba and more.

Fusion dishes with her own creativity have recipes of unique Parsi Murabba, Pickles, Jams and Cakes for you.

There is one mega cookbook and 10 other individual cookbooks published. eBooks of the same are also available.


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