Burger like no other

Burger like no other

Guess what it is a cake burger made with cake mix, pancake mix, frosting and loads of creativity.

Here are the steps to making this Burger Cake, French Fries, Pickles, Cheese:

Bake a round cake.
Burger Cake with French Frie
Flip out the cake and cut horizontally into 2 rounds.
Bake and cut a rectangle cake for french fries
Arrange French Fries into paper container.
Make green crepes with lettuce flavor
Make yellow crepes with cheese flavor, cut into squares to resemble cheese slices.
Pan fry pancakes with green and almond color to look like pickles.
Place first round and layer with lettuce crepes, cheese crepes cut into squares. Place Pickle Pancakes on top.
Place the second round cake and then frost it with mayonnaise frosting.
Burger Cake with French Fries.
Sprinkle Jimmies on top of the frosting and serve with the cake french fries.
Burger Cake with French Fries.

Tip: Visit McDonald’s or Burger King for paper container!


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