Chicken Kheema rolls

Chicken Kheema Rolls


Chicken Kheema rolls
Chicken Kheema rolls

by Thrity Yazdi Tantra

Make Jamshed’s  khaato mithho spicy chicken kheemo (click for recipe)

Add vinegar, Jaggery, kismis (raisins) and cashew nuts to Kheemo for extra flavor.

Make it dry (without water) and added a spoonful of butter for a little smoothness and taste.

Use ready pastry sheets, cut them off in triangle put in a spoonful of kheema at the broad base and folded them carefully.

First fold the two sides over the kheema and then continue to roll them till the pointed end sealing with little water.

Bake them as the pastry sheet instructions on box.

7 thoughts on “Chicken Kheema Rolls

  1. Griddle or the tavo is the traditional way it is done in India. Now, You can have use non-stick pan with a little ghee. This maybe easier. You ask about baking the pori in the oven, I have not done it, try with one. The filling is already cooked so you are really baking the pastry. Suggest baking at a low temperature of 300 degrees F and basting with some melted ghee every 5-7 minutes till the outer crust is baked.

    Interesting concept of baking and would like to know how the pori comes out.

  2. Hi love all the non veg receipes. Thanks for the dal Ni Poori receipe difficult but absolutely delicious the only problem I had was cooking it on a griddle can v bake it. Pls let me know.

  3. Hi aunty, I could’nt view the actual Chicken Kheema recipe (it said no link was found), could you please include that? Looking forward to making these Chicken kheema rolls!


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