Cucumber Raita

Awesome & simple !!

by Jenifer Petigara Mistry

Cucumber Raita
Cucumber Raita

This is my mom’s lovely “raita” recipe .. Best thing is it stays good in the fridge /cold climates for a month ! I know coz our entire Europe trip my bro & I ate it with bread & cream cheese !!

1kg – cucumber, finely grated, (put it in an old sadra & tie it over a bowl – let the liquid flow away)
1 kg- curd, (put it in an old sadra & tie it over a bowl – let the whey flow away – what’s left is lovely curd which we gujju call mattho)
4-5 – green chillies (ground to a paste)
1/2 pod – garlic(ground to a paste)
1/2 tsp- turmeric powder
50 gms – mustard (shelled or powdered – it looks like yellow grainy powder – do not use whole mustard)

Mix curd with mustard vigorously – it should start becoming mildly frothy & smooth
Add the pastes, salt, turmeric mix well
Now add the cucumber
Mix well & store for a day or two before eating
Do not eat immediately – unless you like the buzz from the mustard or like your condiments slightly bitter
Add more curd if too spicy for your taste

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