April 21, 2019 CUISINART


I am honored to be a Judge for CUISINART 2019 this coming week.

CUISINART 2019 is another novel concept event from Calcutta Club USA, building on the exciting foundation of CUISINART for the past three years, the live Indian culinary contest. Fusing food, music and art, Cuisinart (on Sun, April 28 2019, Maynard Elks Lodge) will host a fine South Asian style cooking competition among non-professional chefs followed by a live art with music session for charity. Attendance at this event will be free with advance online registration through:

We expect three distinct cooking rounds of 30 minutes, each with its own flavor. Each round will have a maximum of 5 contestants who will be cooking in parallel. Each round will have a likely theme. At this time, we want contestants to sign up for the competition online – the exact themes will decided later. You can also contact 508.740.7848 to discuss your planned dish with an organizer,

Of special interest will be the Live Art segment of the program where artist(s) will create a painting on a canvas on the spot during a live dance performance, covering different styles of Indian dancing.

TO REGISTER https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cuisinart-2019-chef-contestant-registration-tickets-56956809350


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