Benaifer Amaria’s Traditional Door Hangings

Benaifer Amaria and her family have been giving the Parsi community a toran for their money for a while now.

“I come from two generations of toran (door hangings) experts,” she tells us. Creating traditional beaded torans for over twenty years, the ladies of the house scourge old cross stitch books and traditional patterns that are auspicious to bring clients good luck.

“Of course we customize as well,” Benaifer says, in a way that makes us feel silly for asking. “Just recently we had a pushy client who wanted a horse, horse shoe, swastika and even ‘god bless our home’ on the toran. We incorporated all five motifs in a way that kept them happy and was aesthetically pleasing.”

If a toran is really not your thing, Benaifer can use the same technique to make belts and neckpieces, with Czechoslovakian glass beads she gets from her vendor in Bhuleshwar.

Anyone who wishes to purchase a ready-made toran from India please contact Binaifer Amaria Call 989-2291565

Binaifer Amaria has contributed to the “Bead Garlands” book with many instructions and photos.  



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