How to make Crispy Onion Rings

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Cut Onion Rings and soak in water + Besan Flour
Cut Onion Rings and add Besan FlourCut Onion Rings and soak in water + Besan Flour
Fry in Hot Oil
Fry in Hot Oil
Drain on Paper Towels and serve hot
Drain on Paper Towels and serve hot


3 Onions cut into rings
1 cup besan (channa/chickpea) flour

1 cup breadcrumbs (any old bread pulverized or store bought)
1 tsp salt for sprinkling later
Oil for frying


  1. Press onion rings into breadcrumbs. These make the rings crisp!
  2. Wet besan (chickpea) flour by adding a little water, add onion rings
  3. Heat oil till hot.
  4. Fry battered onion rings as shown in photo so that they are floating separated, in very hot oil.
  5. Drain on paper towels.
  6. Sprinkle salt to taste.
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